do I need to white-label this Robo platform?

Smaller institutions are at a nexus of regulatory pushback on non interest fee income, flattening curves, contracting NIM, slowing loan production and even credit deterioration all while trying to fight the combined competition from broader full-service banks, aggressive cross selling broker-dealers and ultra slick direct to consumer fintechs with embedded finance solutions.

Exacerbating the pressure is the continued rise of digital pathways into consumers that make younger Americans less loyal to one financial institution and reinforces the trend to have accounts at multiple institutions. This clearly means increased competition for traditional borrow and lend only institutions and more than ever speaks to the need to broaden service offerings that will capture more of your depositors’ financial services revenue.

Also worth noting: bank valuations have historically been rewarded for prudent off-balance sheet and low capital usage activities compared to just the main-line financial intermediary business of taking deposits and making loans. Not surprisingly the traditional pursuit of loan making is seen as - and valued as - a utility business rather than a strong generator of value.  

However, the most immediate and largest impact on contribution margin can come from adding wealth management.  If you can imagine all of your customers' liquidity events - like from an inheritance or cash build up from their entrepreneurial endeavors - you can interdict those large deposits before they move out to a full-service bank, broker-dealer or fintech.

They're your customers, you should be monetizing as much of their financial services as possible.

We can offer fully ESG wrapped portfolios and even crypto positions.


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