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Small banks and even credit unions need this solution 

They just may not know it yet

We are pioneering an entirely new way for traditional depositories to compete with the full-service banks, cross selling broker-dealers and the nimble fin-techs that are coming after the retail bank customer.


full-service BANKS


Adding 1000s of robo accounts every week

Aggressively acquiring high net worth customers tied to preferential lending



Dominating the bank/wealth revenue share space with acquisitions


Steadily adding teams for insurance product and complex product distribution



Digital Banks offering a suite of financial services at lowest in industry costs


NeoBanks penetrating deeply into targeted demographic groups


and all the other on-line mortgage originators, BNPL, embedded finance apps


These ferocious rivals are disrupting the banking business, but we are offering depositories a pioneering solution to fight back.

Our platform allows the traditional lender to seamlessly move into wealth management in a no cost and on-brand manner.  Our digital investment management solution will further broaden the relationship into the bank customer and dramatically increase customer monetization.  

Our target market:

Today there are  3,521  banks (out of 4,769 total) that have less than $1 billion in transaction accounts (checking, savings, CDs in IRAs under $250,000) that do not have trust subsidiaries and that do not engage in any fiduciary or related activity.  These are the traditional borrow short, lend long banks that will feel the most pressure from the competition and changing market conditions.


There are also 4,913 credit unions (out of 5,007) that have less than $750 million in share drafts aka checking accounts.  These traditional member-owner credit providers will bear the brunt of business contraction and consolidation as the competition will attempt to come for every retail customer.  Offering investment management via a CUSO formation or at a minimum as a finder introduction to members which could be particularly valuable for the low income and CDFI credit unions.

The first stop in anyone's financial service dollar is their checking account


CleverAlpha is the ideal tool to interdict, service and monetize that deposit before it leaves the institution

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