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We believe that automated investing in diversified portfolios built with low cost ETFs
gives you the best chance for performance
We've brought together the best of
Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Academia
To manage your assets with a guiding principle to invest in the lowest fee ETFs so that your money can grow for you 

Setting up an account is easy
handled completely on-line without cumbersome wet signatures or snail mail

We allocate your portfolio
according to your goals and your comfort with risk and we montor your portfolio everday looking for opportunities

You can be invested in minutes
moving you towards a more sound financial future while we protect your data in the most secure way possible

CleverAlpha Logo Automated Low Fee Investing
What is a Robo?
A robot investment manager.   Not an actual  ROBOT but a computer driven investment model tailored for your needs

Why?  Because most investment managers use some degree of rules-based strategies for their investment choices but ours is more robotic or systematic in nature
We're not a Robot per se but an algorithmic investment manager
Personalized diversified investment portfolios
Why pay an expensive Wall Street firm to manage your money when chances are they’re simply using an algorithm?
We personally tailor your investment portfolio into low fee ETFs
We invest you into a diversified portoflio of Stocks, Bonds and Alternatives through low fee ETFs
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globally diversified portfolios spanning the asset class categories from stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities and even crypto if you choose


systematically rebalancing your tailored portfolio according to your comfort level with risk and your contribution desires and distributions requirements


we scan the universe of ETFs focusing on the lowest fee funds allowing your money to better compound your returns over time


is more than just Bitcoin and we'll help you participate in the revolution


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